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    When you begin to experience any difficulty with your lock, such as it being loose or having trouble unlocking it, then it will only further deteriorate and will ultimately be impossible to use. A faulty lock can pose a significant threat to the security of your property.

    Our professional lock repair service will ensure that your security will be completely amended. Malfunctions with locks are a result of wear and tear, low maintenance or deliberate damage from a burglary. We can provide you advice on if you need a lock repair or a full lock replacement.

  • Conservatory/Lantern & Orange-tree

    Conservatory (and other roofing options) leaks are by far the most complicated repairs to complete, this is due to the obvious behaviour of water wanting to run.  In other words, the internal leak that you may be experiencing could be coming from directly above that area with the water travelling within the frame.  To repair this slippery issue, you require someone who can analyse the problem correctly, with over 35 years of experience within the industry Nigel Park has seen it all.