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  • Misted or Broken Sealed Units

    When your sealed unit has broken down, insulating efficiency is reduced, mist will form and reduce visibility then water droplets form inside the glass pain, finally mineral residue will form which if left will mark the glass permanently.  You don’t have to buy new windows, all you need is to replace the sealed unit and save yourself a small fortune at the same time.  This can be done on almost every type of window from wood to aluminium to UPVC.

  • Door & Window Adjustments

    Alignment in doors and windows is a big problem due to the material used in most double glazing that is upvc (plastic) which has a higher expansion and contraction rate when compared to aluminium and wood, although that is not to say aluminium and timber do not also suffer from this issue.  Early signs of an alignment issue include difficulty in opening or closing the window/door by becoming hard to lift or push the handle to lock, hitting either the top or bottom of the window/door and not opening of closing at all.  This may seem like a small issue but may lead to a larger, more costly problem if not repaired.

  • Hinges & Draughty Windows

    In double glazing the hinges/friction stays serve many purposes including hanging of the windows e.g. supporting the sash, guiding the sash in towards the frame, making a tight seal and preventing any leaks, drafts etc.  Hinges also secure your home along with serving a fire safety purpose.  If your hinges are not performing in this way or are failing to do any of the above features then this may suggest that its time to get some new hinges fitted.  Easy hinge diagnosis is if there is a gap on the opposite side to where the hinges are fitted then its time to give us a call.