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Have your double glazed windows got condensation? If the sealed unit has broken down this can be rectified by replacing, get them repaired with Herts and Essex Window Doctor, Double Glazing Repairs Hertfordshire today!

Door Repairs

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We provide a comprehensive, dependable and cost efficient door repair service. From replacing a window in your doors to replacing the hinges, handles or locks, we can restore your doors back to full working order.

When windows are cracked, misted or draughty, we can simply replace the panel with an identical one or replace a faulty seal. This procedure is straight-forward and ensures that you do not need to have your entire unit replaced.

Similarly with the hinges, handles and locks, which all eventually need to be replaced due to general wear and tear. Other factors can play a role in them breaking such as poor maintenance and burglaries. Once a hinge, handle or lock is faulty, they will only worsen, therefore we recommend that you have the problem seen to promptly.

We provide all our customers with a professional, dependable and cost effective service, which solve the issue with your door.

Lock Repairs

When you begin to experience any difficulty with your lock, such as it being loose or having trouble unlocking it, then it will only further deteriorate and will ultimately be impossible to use. A faulty lock can pose a significant threat to the security of your property.

Our professional lock repair service will ensure that your security will be completely amended. Malfunctions with locks are a result of wear and tear, low maintenance or deliberate damage from a burglary. We strongly advise that you act quickly when you notice that your locks are becoming difficult to use that you promptly seek their repair.

We provide a quick and dependable service, which can address your faulty lock. We can provide you advice on if you need a lock repair or a full lock replacement.